Friday, November 12, 2010

Cupcake Success!

Last week I made some delicious yellow cupcakes with chocolate cheese frosting and a chocolate cupcake with buttercream frosting. My lovely friends at Najaek Produce (Thanks Mr. Farley and Mike!) have been my best supporters so far. I'm also planning some Thanksgiving cupcakes for a friend and her family. The other week I picked up some cupcake books at the library and I swear I've become obsessed. Between planning out cupcakes to try and the Thanksgiving menu I'm spending wayyy too much time thinking about food.

I made Cookies and Cream cupcakes from 500 Cupcakes. Ummm...delicious! Although the recipe did call for them to baked for 20 minutes which I think is a little long. I mixed in the Oreos to the frosting before putting it on the cupcakes. I will defiantly be using this recipe again. The cakes were so yummy looking with all the Oreo flecks in them! Plus just a straight butter and powdered sugar frosting? Yes please!!

Next cupcake today was from Martha Stewart's Cupcakes, Mint Filled Brownie Cupcake. So delicious and fudgy with a happy little mint patty surprise inside. These were so rich and when I tried one that was all I needed. It was slightly warm....mmmm heaven. Usually when a recipe calls for sifting flour or other ingredients I role my eyes and just mix it in without sifting, I bit the bullet and sifted today. If it made a difference I'm not sure but maybe I'll start now.

The picture above is kinda shoddy, I put them in the box and taped it up and realized I forgot to take any pictures. I was trying to get out quickly and deliver so sorry for the icky picture. Hopefully next time I'll remember to take better ones next time!

I'll be delivering cupcakes to Najaek Produce the rest of the month and feeling pretty special to be supplying Thanksgiving cupcakes for a family dinner. Ugh the one part of this project I can't stand is the dishes. Which is what I have to go tackle now. Boo.

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