Friday, October 29, 2010

This next year

I've set a pretty lofty goal for myself in the next year, my mom and I signed up for the 2011 Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer 3 day walk in San Diego. We each have to raise quite a bit of money and we've decided that "Cupcakes for a Cure" is a fabulous way to do some of this fundraising. I'm in the testing phase of cupcakes right now, figure I should make sure that the cupcakes are good before I start charging! is one of my favorite websites and I'm on it daily searching for different recipes. The first cupcakes I made were "Simple White Cake" with "Milky Way Frosting". Really easy and simple. In my opinion taste was mehhh. I thought the cupcake tasted too much like flour. I used my coworkers as guinea pigs, some of them liked the cupcakes but agreed the taste was a little off. Maybe I'll try those again but the frosting was an entirely different story.


Melted Milky Way bars, butter, vanilla, and powdered sugar all mixed together. was rich and flavorless all at the same time. Pretty much reminded me of melted cheap chocolate.

Well moving on the next recipe!

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