Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yup coolest cake ever

I have been looking for an excuse to make this cake for so long and my roommates birthday seemed like the perfect excuse! I made chocolate cake and the filling is a buttercream that tasted exactly like Oreo filling. Holy cow was this a rich cake! He had his birthday dinner at Pok Pok, which is one of the best restaurants in Portland. I was expecting to to cut slices 2 Kit Kats deep but they cut 4! Nobody even finished their slices it was so huge and rich! I will defiantly make this barrel cake again but only cut with 2 Kit Kats!
The aftermath!

I made these delicious coconut cupcakes for the birthday of a gentleman who is allergic to chocolate! Such a horrible allergy to have, I think I would die...literally. I also did Banana Pecan with Carmel Frosting...holy moly were they amazing. I had some trouble making the carmel, third try was defiantly a charm on those. I haven't made my own carmel in awhile but after I got the hang of making it it was easy. I seriously could've just take a spoon and drizzle it into my mouth. Actually there's a chance that happened when I was done.

I ordered some adorable business cards that I've been passing out all over the place. I've raised 46% of my goal for Susan G. Komen! I'm looking forward to hitting the 50% mark. I also need to start walking more. I'm on business trips for the next 5 weeks and will be hitting the gym at my hotel and walking along the beautiful river right behind the hotel too.

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